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A Snake on the Loose

Recently, I wrote a “Laugh at Life” article involving my granddaughter’s Corn snake.  This squirmy little fella was what she’s wanted for years and finally it was her dad (my favourite son-in-law now) who gave in to her request.  Unfortunately, they’ve learned the hard way that these sorts of reptiles are escape artists.  He’d been seen slithering around at the top of his enclosure, plotting his final escape, weeks before he succeeded.

I’m being truthful when I tell you I’m very sorry they haven’t found him yet.  Not only am I concerned for his well-being, but for mine as well.  I’ll admit it. I’m not too eager to visit in their home right now, even though I know he can’t hurt me. 

Yes, snakes are not my thing, but how he plotted to escape from the first moment they placed him in that beautifully adorned tank intrigues me.  Did he do it simply because he's wired that way, or because everything on the outside of that glass looked more enticing than the inside? No matter the why, I’m sure he isn’t as comfortable as he would be if he had stayed in his hideaway.

Have you ever felt the need to escape?  To change things up, in hopes of a brighter or perhaps simpler tomorrow?  I know I have.  

I must be careful when I start to get antsy because I know how it goes.  When what I believe to be a brilliant idea crashes into my mind, I have often made the decision to “go for it” without thinking it through completely.  But my biggest faux-pas is when I don’t first take time to pray about moving forward.  You know — consult God, the One who only wants good for me and sees the whole picture.   

As I’m increasing in years I remember to discuss things with Him a little more often, but I'm wired to rush ahead. 

Proverbs 3:5-6 encourages us to:  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will direct your paths.”

What a promise!   A great peace infuses itself over and into me when I digest that verse.

If we trust Him, don't just listen to ourselves and DO what HE tells us to do, HE WILL LEAD US in what He knows is BEST and GOOD for us!

I don’t live life perfectly, and I certainly don't always listen to His voice.  That explains why God has had to knock me over the head a few times to get my attention back onto Him.  He has proven Himself to me over and over, so I don’t know why I’ve too often chosen to escape what He knows is best for me.  

And on that note … I’m off to my daughter’s place, where there is still a snake on the loose.  That little fellow clearly didn’t think his plan through either.  My daughter's not worried about it, though.  Apparently snakes can survive lengthy times without food (they're leaving water bowls on the floor so he doesn't dehydrate), and she tells me there is a slim chance that he has found somewhere to hibernate.  Somehow … still not the balm that brings any form of peace to this mother's heart.  

God bless you all as you choose to follow His leading!

(As always, feel free to reach out to me with any and all prayer requests you might have.  Know that I hold you in my prayers.  Be safe, be blessed and know God’s goodness every day.)



Next time:  the continuing saga of the missing snake (hopefully good news), a BLOG about a desire I had that made no sense AND the draw for a FREE BOOK!

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