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An Element of Narcissism

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Recently I strolled up and down the wooden planks of the "street" in Saskatoon's Western Development Museum. I read and visualized how hard the people worked, even less than a century ago, so that future generations (mine too!) would have easier lives. I was hit by the enormity of how things have changed in the last one hundred years. (That seemed a long time ago to me once but now, as I sit closer to the '100' than the '0' mark, it doesn't seem all that long ago.)

Anyway, as I looked at the faded pictures and read of the incredible tasks they performed, just to stay alive, I again felt incredibly thankful that I have things like a washer and dryer, both of which make my life so easy. I admit -- I am, indeed, a wuss compared to the women of old who literally worked day and night and beat their laundry against a large rock or, if they were "lucky", a washboard.

My previous neighbour, who has a young family with four gorgeous little girls, recently said that he wished he could scoop up his wife and little ones and transport them to a place in the world where people aren't so focussed on their own selfishness. Then he added that they'd have to move to a third world country for that to happen.

I'm guessing, as he did, that when people don't have enough to eat, or even one clean drop of water, perhaps that becomes more the priority than how they "feel" in every moment of every day.

Lets admit it ... many of us in North America live fairly cushy lifestyles, especially compared to the days of not-even-that-old. This clearly has brought about an element of boredom (?) or some such thing that has seemingly morphed many into muddied thought patterns.

Recent studies have shown narcissism to be one of the most diagnosed psychological disorders in Western civilization, at the present time. NARCISSISM! Excessive self-love! This is NOT healthy, people, but it's happening.

Of course ... not surprisingly ... we can now say whatever we think and paste it on the internet for the whole world to swallow as fact, as well. And if we merely "feel" like being something we are clearly NOT, we can simply declare that we "identify" that way and everyone is supposed to believe that.

I hear myself saying, "We've lost our common sense here, folks," but I believe the farmers I know and love would call it like it really is. BS!

I have fought tears, and certainly shudder, as I think of my children and grandchildren and what their lives might be like in the future.

But, as I take a few deep, gulping breaths I ask myself -- why does a world filled with selfishness make my anxiety soar to such an alarming level? Has God ever left me? Has He let me down in some way so large that I've turned my eyes from Him to gaze only on the world's fast-growing problems? I hope not.

God is strong! He is mighty! And He sent His Son to save us from all the crazy! After all, this won't go on forever. He can't and won't allow it.

Have I had struggles in my life? Many. Have I always seen every circumstance I've lived as good? Absolutely not.

Only one small example of that was after my first miscarriage. I was so angry that I literally threw my bible on the bedside table and told God that, since He'd turned His back on me, I'd never read any of His Words again. I admit, ashamedly, that I held onto that grudge for some time.

But was God still there, and has He always continued to be, even in the hardest of times? Absolutely!

He is our hope through the worst that can happen. He loves us more than we can even imagine loving anyone else -- even the members of our families and our most precious friends.

We cannot begin to conceptualize the greatness of His unconditional love.

If you need "proof"of this -- I want to gently suggest picking up a bible. (Yes, the same kind I almost threw away.) You can't say you don't believe in it if you've never checked it out and ... it's so worth checking into.

Ask for wisdom as you read. Pray for enlightenment and remember: God doesn't turn His back on anyone and there is no sin He won't forgive.

He IS our hope for today and for the future, even when it may look bleak.

He has unending grace and mercy for US ... even ME -- a person who certainly doesn't deserve any of that.

When I speak about His power, my fear and anxiety dissipate (at least for the moment again), and I feel relieved, as well. I'll admit to my own element of narcissism (or perhaps self-preservation?): I don't feel at all compelled to move to a third world country and beat my dirty clothes against any rocks!

Have a great rest of the month everyone! In two weeks there will be another draw for a FREE book! The name of that person will be announced in the next blog.

May God's greatest blessings be upon you all!

Pattie Janzen

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