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Any Better I'd Be dead

There's nothing as wonderful as anticipating something coming in the future -- preferably something fun and exciting! As a child, Christmas Day was often an example of that for me.

Mental health experts say that it's healthy to have something planned for the future -- some event to look forward to. Whether it's a vacation or something smaller like a concert, or even going out for coffee with a friend, it is mentally uplifting to be in anticipation for something that fills our hearts with joy!

I'll admit, since our move last year, I've often felt like a square peg trying to cram myself into a round hole. I feel unsettled, as if I'm anticipating something coming. But then ... I recently saw a meme that said something similar to this: If you feel you can't get comfortable on this earth, perhaps that's because it's not your home.

That hit me like a brick, because I KNOW this condo, this city, the country I pray for and even this world isn't my home!

Maybe because I'm aging I think about this more often, but the reality is ... this is no one's final destination.

In James 4 verse 14, he compares our human life span to a fleeting vapour.

I don't know about you, but the past 59 years have gone incredibly quick for me, and time is picking up speed. We have a 15 year old grandson who just bought his first car! Whaaaat?! I feel as though I blinked a few times and that too-suddenly happened!

It is exciting and exhilarating, especially for him, as I get to feel even older, but ...

Put that together with "anything can change in a second" and I don't understand people who are content not knowing where their eternal home will be.

I am SO EXCITED to think about being in heaven! I'm not rushing to get there, but my heart fills with joy knowing I'll end up where Jesus is!

I know people who I dearly love, who haven't decided to give their hearts and lives to God. I cry just thinking about that, but I can't make that choice for them. I'll love them, however, until the day I die, and I won't stop praying for them.

In answer to the question, "How are you?", my funny husband often says this:

"Any better I'd be dead."

People might look at him strangely, but he's not apologetic to explain. He's simply that sure about where he's going after he draws his last breath on earth.

I sincerely pray that you can say with joyous enthusiasm, "I may not feel so comfortable on earth either, but that doesn't matter. I know my real home is in HEAVEN!"

Philippians 1:21 (NIV) - "For to me, to live is Christ and to die is GAIN!"

I consider it an honour to pray for you. If you have any questions, or a prayer request, you can reach me anytime, via this website, email ( or text (306-621-7544).

The snow has fallen here and the streets are often icy. Not my favourite season, (or should I say, half of the year?) but we're on our way toward the Christmas season! May God bless you in every amazing way while most of the bugs take a nap!



Speaking of something EXCITING ahead: An extra FREE DRAW will be held at the end of November AND in December! If you're a subscriber, your name is already entered! If not, feel free to sign up here ... ... and your name will be included!

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