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For the Adrenalin Rushers!

Although my father appreciated fast cars, it wasn't until I met a '66 Mustang (Oops! I mean, my future husband), that I really learned to enjoy speed. Perhaps that's another reason why I've done things, quite often, in a hurry. For the adrenalin rush!

I was in a store last week when a woman, looking more disheveled than I, pushed her way past me as we headed toward the same checkout. Realizing that she’d almost run me over with her cart, she then stepped back and offered me the first place in line. I smiled and said, “You go ahead. For once in my life I’m not in a hurry.” She gave me a strangled look and said, “I … I’m not really in a rush either. It’s just the way I live.”

Oh! Did I hear that!

Rushing around with a list or two in hand! This lifestyle has been mine, as well.

When I was young I received the gift of a small plaque with the words “Busy Hands, Happy Heart”, and I ran with it! But … why? I mean, did all my groceries have to be bought in thirty minutes or less? On some days, yes. There were kids to pick up from school, events to get to on time and meals to prepare. So many meals ...

But what about the times I was closer to a crazed maniac than I needed to be?

That constant rush of adrenalin can’t be good for anyone, but it's a hard habit to break.

Lately, I've changed a bit through no choosing of my own. It's just the way life goes as we age, but honestly I still catch myself often rushing about, with no sound need to be.

Balance. I wish I had it. I've always been the “go like a house on fire” kind.

So, back to the younger woman with the formidable cart ...

I smiled at her again, as I said, “I totally get that whole rush, rush, rush thing but today nothing’s on fire in my life.”

She laughed and gladly went ahead of me and I -- happily let her because … I'm the older version of her.

I’ve asked myself, many times, what is my driving force to get something done ASAP, even when it doesn't need to be? I believe these are my reasons:

1. When someone asks me to do something, I want to prove I’m a nice person so, being a people-pleaser, I

must get it done to impress them.

2. If I don’t get it done immediately, one of the balls I’m juggling (much like Michelle Pfeiffer in the movie

One Fine Day) will fall and then I fear my whole circus will fall apart.

3. I have to do it now or ... I'll forget.

I think a little of each of these three were, and are, me. The third point has almost exclusively taken over now, but, admittedly, all have taken precedence at one time or another.

I wonder what God thinks as He watches me run to and fro. I've always suspected He rolls His eyes while shaking His head. "Relax, my child," I can hear Him say. "I promised you peace but you choose this instead."

(John 14:27 NIV) "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."

This busyness I'm driven to -- much of it has been my choice and many times, not the wisest one.

So, if you find yourself rushing to and fro, and you're not happy about it because you feel your head might explode, know that I'm right there with you and I'm praying for you. I mean that! I'm someone who struggles with balance too but I know God can help us. (And I do pray for everyone who has signed up to read these meagre thoughts of mine.)

If you don't have the adrenalin-rush-struggle -- way to go!! Comment and share any and all wisdom, as well as encouragement you may have, with the rest of us!

Congratulations to DEBBIE G from Saskatoon -- winner of today's draw for a FREE BOOK!!

ALSO -- There will be draws for TWO FREE BOOKS at the end of November, since Christmas will be around the corner! Please tell your friends and family to sign up on the website so they, also, will have a chance to win!

Pattie Janzen

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