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Venus and Mars

According to Amazon, the #1 Best-selling relationship book of all time is entitled "Men Are From Mars, Women Are from Venus". I have not read John Gray's book but if I was to comment on the title alone, here is what I'd say:

I believe he's RIGHT (or at least has the general idea).

After thirty nine years of marriage it is still overwhelmingly apparent just how different my martian man is from me. Most of the time I smile now, as small examples of this creep into our daily life, but sometimes ...

The last time we moved I remember saying, "Lets never do this again." My husband agreed but ... our memories waned and thirteen years later, after praying and coming to the same conclusion, we decided to shake things up and make a rather big move. (We are currently in the last week of getting out of one house and into another. Its been super fun!)

After the decision to completely uproot ourselves, many other decisions quickly followed, including where we would move the acoustic, upright piano that has been in our family since I was six. We were thrilled to know that one of our children wanted it, so ... yay! Only four hours away and it would rest in our daughter's home.

Here is a quick synopsis of how Venus and Mars made that move ...

The Mars man calls a few friends and, amongst more than a few moans and groans they hoist the heavy, but deemed precious, instrument onto the back of the man's truck.

With that part of the job finished, this cherished cargo is tied down by Mars, as watched a bit dubiously by Venus.

But the picture in both their heads, of the piano being happily played by their grandchildren for it's remaining days, still makes them smile and sigh.

Before starting their trek, however, Venus peruses the weather channel and reports to Mars that rain is expected in both their starting and ending destinations that day. Mars says nothing, until Venus repeats this concerning bit of news and suggests better coverings for the item considered special enough to move.

She is met with a quick, "I am not covering it more because I'll have to drive thirty kilometres an hour with tarps flapping all around. I don't want to make constant stops on our way there to keep adjusting them."

As she points up at the darkening sky, the woman from Venus replies, "So ... let me get this straight. You'd rather stop in the middle of a downpour, fighting gale-forced winds, to cover our then ruined wooden piano?"

Between clenched teeth, the Mars man grinds out, "If it starts raining we will stop and tarp it."

With that, he hurriedly finishes securing the cargo they are beginning to feel sorry they've kept, with ties that he assures Venus will hold tight for the entire trip. She, in turn, runs into the house to retrieve a few smaller items and quickly crams them into the cab of the truck.

As the man clearly from Mars starts the engine, the windshield is graced with a few plops of moisture. Instead of the tarps he'd just promised within such a scenario, he pours on the gas, hoping to drive quickly out of the rain. But alas! As he turns the very first corner, both Mars and Venus simultaneously peer into their respective mirrors. Something appears to have become askew behind them. This requires a quick stop and adjustment, but interestingly no tarp, as the rain picks up it's pace.

It's been a tiring week already and Venus's previously barely-tolerant mood is now over. Seething silence ensues, on both parts of these inhabitants from different planets. Venus begins to pray -- for not only the rain to cease but for the negative thoughts she now has for Mars to vanish. Mars, she's pretty sure, is praying a similar prayer, as he madly steers their load closer to it's final destination.

Thankfully, their six stops for additional tarp-less adjustments are under more sunny skies. The almost five hours it takes seems even longer under this kind of stress but ... they and the beast of a piano eventually arrive safely at their offspring's house.

Once their ridiculously heavy cargo is finally secured inside it's new home, (this held it's own challenges as well) what do you suppose Mars and Venus do?

They smile their relief as they start back to their original destination, and try to put all the anxiety of their trip behind them, while rolling their eyes out their respective windows. For they've learned that even though they make little sense of one another at times, they have been able to work together to accomplish their goals for thirty nine years, so why quit now?

And ... they thank God especially, for stopping the rain.

THE WINNER OF THE FREE BOOK in today's draw is ... Beth B from Saskatoon! Congratulations!!

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