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What Good Really Is

Updated: Jun 23

Weeks ago I spent some time in the ER with my 10 year old grandson, Sullivan. While we were waiting, he suddenly became very quiet. I asked if the pain from the swelling under his chin was stopping him from talking.

His response was, “No, Grandma. Nothing can stop me from talking.”

I laughed and immediately thought how like me that little chatterbox is.

On that note, if you said a prayer for me after my last blog—thank you! I don’t know who was more blessed at the retreat I spoke at, but I certainly was.

People are the same in so many ways. We all may have something we feel joyful about, but we each have painful things in our lives that bond us to one another, even more. It’s so nice to be able to talk about our concerns and worries with a friend, or even someone we don’t know very well, because we all can relate!

I love Romans 8:28.

“God works all things together for good, to them who love God.”

This is such a powerful promise and sends me peace every time I read or recite it.

But as I read on, and stare at verse 32, something just struck me.

“God spared not His own Son (Jesus), but gave him up for US … how will he not also … graciously give us all things?”

How much pain God must have felt, watching His perfect Son's horrific death. Yet, He allowed it to happen, because He loves us so much. The good for us, came after the pain and agony.

So … why would I ever assume that I should only bask in what I think is, and see as, “good” for me?

I think of the valuable lessons I’ve learned after the painful experiences I’ve been through. It’s not that I enjoyed them. I didn’t. At all. But when I look back at what I gained--how I grew closer to my Saviour and learned valuable lessons--during those challenging or tragic times, there’s only one thing to do: Praise and praise some more—maybe even inside this valley.

Yesterday we were told that the mass our grandson has is likely benign so, even though he has pain, it will not be dealt with quickly. I’d be lying if I told you this is easy. I feel for that sweet boy and I don’t think I’ll completely rest until he has the surgery he needs and the pathology report comes back (hopefully with the word BENIGN written all over it). In the meantime … does God know and care about this? Absolutely He does! He knows all about it and won’t break His promise to work it “together for good”, no matter the outcome or how it looks to us.

Our Saviour doesn’t always spare us pain. He can’t because He knows what’s BEST and He sees the whole picture, while we merely sit inside the pixel.

Sullivan and I had a conversation after his doctor’s appointment today. He said that no matter what happens with his mass, he loves God and that is what he is most thankful for. (Yes, I teared up)

May we all see Christ this way and have total trust in a God who loves us and knows what good really is.

Pattie Janzen

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