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What's Your Pool?

I recently heard a riveting message wherein the speaker stopped talking in the middle and showed a clip from the show "The Chosen". The actor playing Jesus was depicted near the pool of Bethsaida, which was said to have healing powers. The story goes that when the waters "moved" the first of the sick and ailing to enter the water would be healed.

A man who had been an invalid for thirty-eight years lay nearby the pool. Jesus approached him and asked, "Do you want to be healed?"

It was a simple question, but instead of the resounding "YES" one might expect, the man began giving excuses. "I've no one to help me into the pool" and "Someone else always gets there first". (Find the story in John 5: 1-8 to read it in more detailed accuracy.)

It doesn't say if the man had laid there for years or days, but it does indicate that he'd been an invalid for thirty eight years. I'm guessing he'd been there awhile and I'm further assuming that it hadn't been easy for him.

Do you ever feel as if you're waiting on something but you can't quite figure out what? When I feel like that my impatient self usually tries to push ahead, disregarding that God wants me to wait for His go- ahead and perfect timing.

Waiting is tough and tempts us to concentrate on our own pools of thought like, "If I had more money or a bigger house" or "If only I was an extrovert". "I could be more effective if I was younger (or older)" or "I'll just try this and I'll be more successful", etc, etc.

Like the man beside the pool, who had become focussed on his circumstances instead of the healer who came alongside him, I too take my eyes off the Saviour who promises to give me strength, be my rock and lead me in the perfect path He has planned for me.

Does this resound with you?

We can go our own way, creating our own idea of peace and happiness, but what will we miss if we try leaving God and His grace behind?

I encourage you today that if you've taken your eyes off the Saviour, or if you don't know Him at all, that you seek and find the One who loves you like no other!

Life isn't perfect after you place your faith in Christ, but the freedom you will find and feel is overwhelmingly wonderful! In fact, I can't even explain it in accurate enough words.

Thankfully, as written in this story of the crippled man focussed on a literal pool, Jesus disregarded his feeble excuses and healed him anyway. Isn't it grand that He loves and helps us -- even when our focus is more on our own "pools" than on Him?

As we begin 2024, I pray that your faith is in the Lord! He IS the source of all freedom, joy and hope!


Pattie Janzen

As always, please feel free to leave a comment or prayer request.

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(A huge "thank you" to Pastor Garry Wiebe from Osler Mission Chapel for allowing me to use parts of his sermon for this blog. You are a blessing to many!)

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