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Before, During and After Easter

Here we are - sitting tiredly after the fun Easter weekend we've had with family and friends. Or, if you've had to go to work all weekend, perhaps you're reeling from exhaustion from your busy time there. Either way, as is often the case after a big "event", it's easy to feel a looming collapse coming on.

As a very recently retired nurse, I remember working many a holiday when I was torn from my family, to care for other people's families.

At the risk of speaking only for myself, I'll admit that sometimes it was a toss up - whether I preferred going to work, where I'd probably get at least one coffee break, or if I'd rather be home with a house packed with people I'd have to cook for, almost 24/7.

Don't get me wrong -- I love my kids and grandkids. Love 'em. (Can you feel a 'but' coming on? I won't disappoint) BUT - I've come accustomed to my quiet abode, where only my husband and I roost. When our children and their children descend, and stay for days, I tend to tire quickly of the persistent noise, not to mention those endless feeding times.

Thankfully, my grandkids are often very funny. I feel this redeems them, somehow, for their messiness, loud bickering and seemingly incessant chatter.

Just this morning, after our very busy Easter weekend was nearing it's end and everyone had stuffed what seemed to be every belonging they own back into their SUV before their long drive home, one of my grandchildren said to me, "I bet I know what you're going to say when we all leave today."

"What am I going to say?" I asked, with a sudden nervous curiosity.

"Oh," he laughed, as if he knew. "You're going to say 'thank goodness they're all gone. Finally I'll have my life back'."

Of course, I wasted no time with my chagrined rebuttal of, "I'm not thinking that at all. Shows what you know. I will only be thinking about how much I'm missing you - already."

He smiled, but in that grin was a small expression of doubt as he looked me square in the eye and replied, "Sure."

He clearly had my number and knew it, but I admitted nothing. I found myself in awe of his astuteness, however.

As I sit here now, in the suddenly too-quiet of my home, I wonder if God ever tires of us. If He doesn't, again speaking for myself, I think He should. He certainly would have good reason. In fact, I've sometimes wondered if He's ever regretted not stopping after He created the animals.

But ... He didn't. Before the foundations of the earth (even before the creatures that crawled) He thought of me, in all my ineptness.

And He thought of YOU!

What's even more mind-blowing is that He sent His Son to die and live again -- for us!

Now ... that's what Easter celebration is all about - before, during and after!

As I sit with my lap-top in the After-Easter glow, I think again of how much I love those kids, and I thank Jesus for loving us - before He went to the cross, during His suffering on it and now ... as He patiently waits for us in heaven!

Have an awesome week everyone!

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