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A meme most fitting for the weather we've been experiencing lately has a depiction of a red maple leaf in the background, with the words "In Canada, friends with benefits means neighbours with a snow blower".

I find that funny and strangely fitting on this, once again, cold and snowy day.

As we enter the month of January (not my most favourite 31-day month) I cling to the fact that, although the amount of daylight hours still doesn't meet what I consider acceptable standards, they are veeerry slowly stretching in length.

As we frozenly inch our way to Spring, I cannot help but think about ... you guessed it ... what profound and insightful promise I will make to myself for this next year!

As far as New Years resolutions are concerned, I have learned that my failure rate in keeping true to said vow, has only ever served to bash my self-esteem into the ground. For instance, I cannot count how many times I've lied to myself, and others, saying "I'm going to lose weight this year". Although I have been known to lose rather large amounts of myself in past years, I have yet to stick to a diet from a January 1st date -- EVER.

That tenacious, self-controlled mindset hits when it's gonna hit.

This year, I'm trying something new. Yep! I'm acknowledging that I will fail in my resolution.

I once had a post-it note pasted to my computer screen with only the letters Q-S-S written on it. It was placed in a spot where I had to look at it often, as a reminder of what I should strive for.

This acronym means "... Quick to listen, Slow to speak and Slow to become angry ..." (taken from James 1 verse 19).

Full disclosure - I admit to living much more like S-Q-Q: "Slow to listen, Quick to speak and Quick to become angry. (Did you see what I did there? Those smaller capitol letters represent me skulking in shame of what I so often do but don't want to do.)

When I compare those two letter arrangements, I see two possibilities -- I either dislike alphabetically arranged acronyms or ... I need some work!

I'll most likely fail at Q-S-S within the first hour of the new year. After all, I failed almost daily when the post-it was practically stuck to me. BUT -- God knows all about that. God expects me to fail. He knew I would and He knows I will. But ... thankfully ... His grace has covered every one of those failures.

Today, if you're shovelling yourself out of yet another snow bank OR you're one of the people who actually succeeded in getting to your hot holiday ... be assured that God knows your failures, BUT - He's a forgiver and He's so good that He loves you anyway! Exciting thought to start 2023!


(I realize this is early. I just wanted to be first with something)

Remember: the next draw for a FREE BOOK is end of January... when the coldest month of the year comes to an end!

Another thing to look forward to: a new look to this website and blog!

Next Blog - January 15th.

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