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Although I write a humour column, and enjoy a good laugh almost more than anything, this article won't be like those, but feel free to read them under that heading on this website.

Now that Bill C-11 has passed through the senate, I've been thinking a lot more about our world affairs.

When I die, and even more-so as I live, I want to know that I've at least stood up for something and, more importantly, someone. In that respect, I pray God will make me a person with a stronger and stronger substance.

Albert Einstein was quoted as saying "the world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything".

Although the first part of that quote is arguable, considering everything we're seeing these days, there is truth in the ending, as well.

Over the last few years (even just a handful) we have seen a dark erosion of values and ethics in our society. The basic human principles we held dear, and taught our children, (you know, the stuff we've known as truth for thousands of years) is now being scoffed at and twisted in so many ways that the entire world appears to be off kilter. And I don't mean a small tilt but, rather, completely turned upside down and inside out!

Even if we put religion and, dare I say, any belief in God aside, the world makes NO SENSE -- common or otherwise.

A few years ago I toured the Science Centre in Calgary. I remember reading about the human brain, which had been studied for YEARS by scientists who documented this: the human brain is not fully mature until the age of 25 years. Interestingly, the last region in our grey matter to mature is the "consequence" part. According to the scientists, this explains much about seemingly stupid decisions made by children and teenagers. Back then (a few mere years ago), examples of these were car crashes where none were wearing seat-belts or failing to use protection, resulting in a teen pregnancy, but nowadays? We're letting children decide to have SEX CHANGES because they "feel" different.

Like ... whaaaaat?!?!

Also proven by science, is how DIFFERENT male and female biology and chemistry is, down to our very differentiated cells. Even red blood cells are not the same in males and females. Documentation of this scientific evidence has been recorded in multiple articles and medical journals! It's even easy to find if you "google" it.

I don't know about you but I was pretty full of feelings as a child, including during the teen years when my natural hormones were running amuck. And -- full disclosure -- I remember wanting to be a boy (like really wanting to) when I was in middle school but, thankfully, my parents weren't morons. They knew I was a child and did know what was best for me. They knew this because ... when they held me for the very first time, they saw that I didn't own male plumbing.

SO ... I strongly believe this is how it should go: If at 25 years old you still think it wise to "become" the opposite sex (something that is impossible, even if a doctor is willing to maim you with surgery) well ... on your head be it. Until then, since science has proven that your brain is not fully mature, you get to be what you are. Perhaps, when you reach your mid-twenties you'll gain some wisdom and accept who you were made to be, hold onto that and live a full life being your REAL and authentic self.

You can tell me seven ways to Sunday that the opposite sex is what you're feeling is "authentic" for you but I, for one, will never believe it. There are too many accounts given by people who were allowed a "transition" into what they thought they "should be" and who, not even long after, sadly admit that it was a very wrong choice.

When I was younger, if I had allowed my child to eat my pack of birth control pills, it would've been considered child abuse. It probably would have hit the news and I would have been carted off to jail as the biggest nut around. Well ... those are the same hormones that younger and younger children are now being prescribed so that they (children who cannot possibly know what is good for them but are clearly crying for some sort of attention and help), so that they can attempt to change who they were born to be.

This makes me shudder. It is frightening, sickening and appalling on every level.

We should be defending and protecting our children from this, at all cost!

Einstein was a man of science but he was correct in his aforementioned quote. What's happening now is evil and by saying nothing, we're letting it happen.

I think another of his quotes fits nicely here, as well. "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe".

I think a majority of us disagree with what the minority is screaming about. So, lets scream back -- at least until we're censored. (Although, I'm pretty sure that still won't shut me up ...)

Pattie Janzen

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