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For Father's Day

My father wasn't perfect but he commanded respect. Perhaps it was his imposing height or the way he'd throw me a look that quelled my feeble opinions, but respect he commanded and most often got.

Of course, my siblings and I would push him at times, as children do. We were a noisy bunch. I remember his red face, peering from the rearview mirror, as he'd swing his arm trying to smack at us in the back seat of our car. Of course, we stealthily would dodge his attempts to clip one of us as he drove. Those are funny memories of good times now!

He didn't seem to make many rules but I do remember sneaking into the house only three minutes past my curfew one night. As I tiptoed into my room he came out of his darkened one and surprised me with the simple statement "you're late". These days a teenager might talk back but I didn't dare. "That better never happen again ... or else," he finished with.

I quickly nodded and never came in late again. No lie.

Many times I've wondered ... what did his "or else" really mean? He wasn't an abusive man. I knew he wouldn't hurt me but my respect for him (dare I say, even an element of fear) was great, and I know that wasn't a bad thing.

I believe that's the way it goes with God too. He demands respect, but He is patient and compassionate as He waits for us to come back to Him when we move away. In our world of "do whatever you want or whatever feels right to you", we've distorted so much truth that we no longer respect anyone -- even ourselves -- and especially not God, our Creator, Sustainer and Saviour.

The only way things will turn around is if we turn back to Him -- who made us and loves us more than we can ever imagine.

You may not agree. Perhaps you're thinking ... "I'm no longer interested in this blog", and that's okay. The truth can be difficult, but I pray that you'll think about God and the sacrifice His son Jesus Christ made for us on that cross. Imagine! Giving the One whom you love the MOST -- your child -- to a world like ours.

If that's not a good Father, I have never known one. How much more does He LOVE US than our earthly fathers do? SO MUCH MORE! He IS the hope in the darkness and for our most difficult days. God is the sustainer of life and love and all good things.

I pray for everyone who reads this -- that you have the ultimate joy in knowing Him as your Father.

Pattie Janzen

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